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Inversion vaginale

Définitions de « inversion vaginale »


Locution nominale - français

inversion vaginale \Prononciation ?\ féminin

  1. (Médecine) Synonyme de prolapsus du vagin.
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Étymologie de « inversion vaginale »

 Composé de inversion et de vaginal.
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Phonétique du mot « inversion vaginale »

Mot Phonétique (Alphabet Phonétique International) Prononciation
inversion vaginale ɛ̃vɛrsjɔ̃ vaʒinal

Évolution historique de l’usage du mot « inversion vaginale »

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Images d'illustration du mot « inversion vaginale »

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  • Looking out over a cold and frosty Cotswold countryside complete with mist created by and trapped by a thermal inversion layer in the valley bottom.  This gives a very flat top to the mist and can be very effective.   In eight years living in this particularly hilly and frosty part of the Cotswold’s, I only saw this a couple of times. Photo de Colin Watts via Unsplash
  • Artist's rendition of a tornado about to strike a school at the worst possible time while school buses are loading. Photo de NOAA via Unsplash
  • Surveyor taking sun azimuth for true direction to determine magnetic declination from magnetic observations. Photo de NOAA via Unsplash
  • Lightning Photo de NOAA via Unsplash
  • There were many short lived pop-up thunderstorms on this day. This one produced a microburst which I was lucky enough to catch on camera. Photo de NOAA via Unsplash
  • Lighting up the sky with lightning Photo de NOAA via Unsplash

Traductions du mot « inversion vaginale »

Langue Traduction
Anglais vaginal inversion
Espagnol inversión vaginal
Italien inversione vaginale
Allemand vaginale inversion
Chinois 阴道倒置
Arabe انقلاب المهبل
Portugais inversão vaginal
Russe вагинальная инверсия
Japonais 膣の反転
Basque baginako inbertsioa
Corse inversione vaginale
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Inversion vaginale

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