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Young in French : jeune

Translations of « young » in French

Most common translations :


young \ˈjÊŒĆ‹\

  1. Jeune.
    • This young man is not a child anymore.
      Ce jeune homme n’est plus un enfant.
  2. (Non standard) Âge. Note : utilisĂ© au lieu de old.
      She is sixty years young, and looks forty. — (Current Opinion, vol. 71, 1921, page 407)

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young \ˈjÊŒĆ‹\

  1. (Collective) Jeunes gens, jeunesse.
  2. (Collective) Enfants (d’un animal).
    • The lion caught a gnu to feed its young.

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Examples of usage of « young » in English / French

  • A special event has been held in South Tyneside to showcase the range of wellbeing support available to young people.
    Un Ă©vĂ©nement spĂ©cial a Ă©tĂ© organisĂ© dans le South Tyneside pour prĂ©senter l'Ă©ventail des aides au bien-ĂȘtre disponibles pour les jeunes. , Young People's Wellbeing in the Spotlight - South Tyneside Council
  • He's a young athlete at the moment and he's still learning the game," added Hall.
    C'est un jeune athlÚte pour le moment et il apprend encore le jeu", a ajouté Hall. HullLive, Ryan Hall makes Dom Young prediction after superstar winger bags another England brace - Hull Live
  • Known online as Tom the young farmer, Mr Everall, 22, tends his family's 320-acre farm with more than 100 cows and has just retired as the chair of his local Young Farmers' Association (YFA).
    Connu en ligne sous le nom de Tom le jeune agriculteur, M. Everall, 22 ans, s'occupe de la ferme familiale de 320 acres qui compte plus de 100 vaches et vient de prendre sa retraite en tant que président de l'association locale des jeunes agriculteurs (YFA). BBC News, The young farmer pranking DJs with BBC Radio 1 - BBC News