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Yell at in French : engueuler

Translations of « yell at » in French

Most common translation : engueuler Ecouter

Examples of usage of « yell at » in English/French

  • The man started to yell at the at-fault driver to pull over when the at-fault driver pulled out a gun and fired a shot that struck the front passenger door of the other car, according to police.

    L'homme a commencĂ© Ă  crier au conducteur fautif de se ranger lorsque celui-ci a sorti une arme et a tirĂ© un coup de feu qui a touchĂ© la porte du passager avant de l'autre voiture, selon la police. WDIV — Shot fired after man follows car that rear-ended him on I-94, pulls up to yell at other driver
  • “And the more you yell at the child, the more their bad behaviour’s probably going to increase, which means you’re going to have to yell more.

    "Et plus vous criez sur l'enfant, plus son mauvais comportement va probablement augmenter, ce qui signifie que vous allez devoir crier davantage. HuffPost UK — What To Do Instead Of Shouting At Your Kid For Being Naughty | HuffPost UK Parents

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