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Unlucky in French : malappris

Translations of « unlucky » in French

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unlucky \ʌnˈlʌkÉȘ\

  1. Malheureux, fĂącheux, malencontreux, malchanceux, qui porte malheur.
      Now, Tabaqui knew as well as anyone else that there is nothing so unlucky as to compliment children to their faces. (The Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling) Or, Tabaqui le savait aussi bien que personne, il n'y a rien de plus fùcheux que de louer des enfants à leur visage ;

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Examples of usage of « unlucky » in English/French

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  • “It was a race incident, very unlucky Fabio was super close as is normal and then I felt the contact.

    " C'Ă©tait un incident de course, trĂšs malchanceux Fabio Ă©tait super proche comme c'est normal et ensuite j'ai senti le contact. Marquez explains “unlucky” Aragon MotoGP incidents
  • Howe labelled Longstaff as 'unlucky' to have lost his place in the team in February for the victory over Everton, due to the form of the likes of Joelinton and Joe Willock.

    Howe a qualifiĂ© Longstaff de "malchanceux" d'avoir perdu sa place dans l'Ă©quipe en fĂ©vrier pour la victoire contre Everton, en raison de la forme de Joelinton et Joe Willock. ChronicleLive — The 'outstanding' Newcastle star once named 'unlucky' by Eddie Howe who is back in form - Chronicle Live
  • “He’s been out of things and got really tired in the second half against St Mirren. He’s been so unlucky to be out of the team.”

    "Il n'a pas Ă©tĂ© Ă  la hauteur et a Ă©tĂ© trĂšs fatiguĂ© en seconde pĂ©riode contre St Mirren. Il a Ă©tĂ© trĂšs malchanceux de ne pas ĂȘtre dans l'Ă©quipe." HITC — ‘One I feel sorry for’: Pundit feels Celtic star ‘unlucky’ to get limited chances
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