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Tearing in French : déchirant

Translations of « tearing » in French

Most common translation : déchirant Ecouter

Examples of usage of « tearing » in English / French

  • When you see grown guys tearing up, like kids, without control it just proves how much tennis meant to him, how much he’s going to miss it.
    Quand on voit des adultes pleurer comme des enfants, sans contrôle, cela prouve à quel point le tennis était important pour lui, à quel point il va lui manquer., "When you see grown guys tearing up like kids, it just proves how much tennis meant to him" - Auger-Aliassime on Federer's emotional exit |
  • The Olympian uploaded footage of the invader tearing away from a security guard, who appeared to fall heavily after his foot got caught in the turf.
    L'Olympien a mis en ligne des images de l'envahisseur s'arrachant à un agent de sécurité, qui semblait tomber lourdement après que son pied se soit pris dans le gazon. The US Sun, NFL fans concerned as security guard seen 'tearing ACL' chasing pitch invader who was eventually tackled by Bobby Wagner | The US Sun