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Skullduggery in French : crânerie

Translations of « skullduggery » in French

Most common translation : crânerie Ecouter



  1. Variante de skulduggery.
    And I have another reason which I will express to my St Paul friends, and that is, that they have always been controlled in their political action here by a class of men who have always some traps set for the country members—by men who are always up to this border ruffian kind of trickery—this kind of skullduggery, as it is called in Minnesota. And now St. Paul allows herself to be controlled by these same border ruffian politicians. — (Convention Chairman T. F. Andrews, Official Reporter, "Thirteenth Day," in Debates and Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention for the Territory of Minnesota, to Form a State Constitution Preparatory to Its Admission into the Union as a State, Records of the States of the United States, Saint Paul, Minnesota, printed by George W. Moore, July 27, 1857,OCLC 32834085, page 126)

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Examples of usage of « skullduggery » in English / French

  • Check out Sandman’s reaction to that particular piece of skullduggery from Kyogo in Sandman’s Definitive Ratings.
    Découvrez la réaction de l'homme de sable à cette manœuvre particulière de Kyogo dans Sandman's Definitive Ratings. The Celtic Star,  Sandman’s view on Kyogo nicking one off Matt O’Riley and his Unique Angle reaction
  • and when people have got paintings worth millions, obviously the temptation for theft and skullduggery is there.
    et quand les gens ont des tableaux qui valent des millions, évidemment la tentation du vol et de la fraude est là. euronews, Crime and punishment - author Peter James reveals how being burgled changed his life | Euronews