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Shudder in French : frémir

Translations of « shudder » in French

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shudder \ˈʃʌdə(ɹ)\

  1. Frisson, tremblement.
  2. Frisson, moment de peur presque jouissive.
    "Why does your papa like to frighten us?" said the pretty girl with a sigh and a little shudder. — (Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla, chapter IV, 1872)

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shudder \ˈʃʌdə(ɹ)\

  1. Frissonner, trembler, frémir.
  2. Frissonner nerveusement, comme de peur.
      I felt her shudder and stiffen, and she tore herself away from me with a strangled scream — (James Hadley Chase, Strictly for cash, 1951)

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