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See in French : ailler

Translations of « see » in French

Most common translations :


see \siː\

  1. Voir.
    • Do you see that tree beside the building?
  2. Assister à.
    • Let's see a show tonight.

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see \siː\

  1. Diocèse.
    • A see is a diocese; a region of a church, generally headed by a bishop.
  2. Épiscopat.
    • A see is the office of a bishop.

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Examples of usage of « see » in English/French

  • You just need to look at the US obsession with the Great British Bake Off to see that their Anglophile tendencies are alive and well.

    Il suffit de voir l'obsession des Américains pour le Great British Bake Off pour constater que leurs tendances anglophiles sont bien vivantes. The Telegraph — The truth about American tourists
  • Once a nomination has been submitted you should see a thank you message to confirm we’ve received your nomination.

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