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Secular in French : péculat

Translations of « secular » in French

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  1. LaĂŻc.
  2. À long terme, durable.
    • The long-term growth in population and income accounts for most secular trends in economic phenomena.

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Examples of usage of « secular » in English / French

  • World-class journalism, storytelling, and commentary from a secular perspective.
    Journalisme, narration et commentaires de classe mondiale dans une perspective laïque. OnlySky Media, Understanding the secular vote
  • A leading campaigner on women's rights has urged feminists to "reclaim the secular histories" of past struggles at a National Secular Society event.
    Lors d'un Ă©vĂ©nement organisĂ© par la National Secular Society, une militante de premier plan pour les droits des femmes a exhortĂ© les fĂ©ministes Ă  "rĂ©cupĂ©rer les histoires sĂ©culaires" des luttes passĂ©es. National Secular Society, Bradlaugh Lecture 2022: Feminists ‘must reclaim secular histories’ - National Secular Society
  • While anti-secular laws seem natural given the majority of the Hindu population here, it seems unfair as some minor religious groups struggle for their identity.
    Si les lois anti-laïques semblent naturelles étant donné la majorité de la population hindoue ici, elles semblent injustes alors que certains groupes religieux mineurs luttent pour leur identité. OnlineKhabar English News, Nepal is a secular country, but it has some anti-secular laws. It should change now - OnlineKhabar English News
  • Of course there were some internal religious criticisms⁠—that dying for a secular idea of nationhood cannot result in martyrdom or other purely religious statuses.
    Bien sûr, il y avait quelques critiques religieuses internes - que mourir pour une idée séculaire de la nation ne peut pas aboutir au martyre ou à d'autres statuts purement religieux. The Muslim Skeptic, The Disturbingly Close Proximity Between Orthodox Christianity and Secular Nationalism - The Muslim Skeptic