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Repudiation in French : répudiation

Translations of « repudiation » in French

Most common translations :


repudiation \Prononciation ?\

  1. RĂ©pudiation, reniement.

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Examples of usage of « repudiation » in English/French

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  • As a result of the repudiation of a building contract, the OJ Pippin Homes Pty Ltd were ordered to pay Addinos Pty Ltd, by way of loss and damage, the sum of $159,169.

    À la suite de la rĂ©pudiation d'un contrat de construction, les OJPippin Homes Pty Ltd ont Ă©tĂ© condamnĂ©s Ă  payer Ă  Addinos Pty Ltd, Ă  titre de dommages et intĂ©rĂȘts, la somme de 159 169 $. Repudiation of a building contract – Addinos V OJ Pippin Homes - Construction & Planning - Australia
  • When I was younger, I would shout back at the public repudiation of my body. But I am tired now, and don’t have as much energy to continue to fight

    Quand j'Ă©tais plus jeune, je m'insurgeais contre la rĂ©pudiation publique de mon corps. Mais je suis fatiguĂ©e maintenant, et je n'ai plus autant d'Ă©nergie pour continuer Ă  me battre... the Guardian — The constant abuse and harassment from non-disabled people isn’t changing – in fact it’s getting even worse | El Gibbs | The Guardian
  • As many as 100 Tory MPs were reportedly ready to submit letters to Sir Graham by the end of the weekend – before the extent of the new chancellor’s repudiation of Ms Truss’s agenda was known publicly.

    Une centaine de dĂ©putĂ©s conservateurs auraient Ă©tĂ© prĂȘts Ă  envoyer des lettres Ă  Sir Graham avant la fin du week-end - avant que l'Ă©tendue de la rĂ©pudiation du programme de Mme Truss par le nouveau chancelier ne soit connue publiquement. The Independent — Jeremy Hunt meets 1922 Committee chair as Tory MPs plot to oust Truss | The Independent
  • While the campaign against polluting oil and gas is far from over, this repudiation of Senator Manchin’s so-called permitting reform bill marks a huge victory against dirty energy – and also against dirty backroom Washington dealmaking.

    Alors que la campagne contre le pĂ©trole et le gaz polluants est loin d'ĂȘtre terminĂ©e, ce rejet du projet de rĂ©forme des permis du sĂ©nateur Manchin marque une grande victoire contre l'Ă©nergie sale - et aussi contre les tractations secrĂštes de Washington. Common Dreams — Defeat of Manchin’s Energy Permitting Deal is a Repudiation of Filthy Fossil Fuels | Common Dreams
  • Blockchain also helps verify the legitimacy of every part of the supply chain process and blockchain provides security through its non-repudiation and disintermediation of data storage which helps prevent misappropriating company assets.

    La blockchain permet également de vérifier la légitimité de chaque partie du processus de la chaßne d'approvisionnement et la blockchain assure la sécurité grùce à la non-répudiation et à la désintermédiation du stockage des données, ce qui permet d'éviter le détournement des actifs de l'entreprise. The Financial Services Market Sees A Rise In Demand For Artificial Intelligence
  • He questioned the repudiation of his claim, contending that he would not have travelled overseas if he was unwell and also pointed out that he had been examined by an authorised doctor of the insurance company before issuance of the insurance and not diagnosed with any pre-existing illness.

    Il a contestĂ© le rejet de sa demande, affirmant qu'il n'aurait pas voyagĂ© Ă  l'Ă©tranger s'il n'Ă©tait pas bien et a Ă©galement soulignĂ© qu'il avait Ă©tĂ© examinĂ© par un mĂ©decin agrĂ©Ă© de la compagnie d'assurance avant l'Ă©mission de l'assurance et qu'aucune maladie prĂ©existante ne lui avait Ă©tĂ© diagnostiquĂ©e. Hindustan Times — 12 years on, Marine Drive resident gets $5,00,000 for repudiated insurance claim | Mumbai news - Hindustan Times
  • WASHINGTON (AP) — In a stark repudiation of Donald Trump’s legal arguments, a federal appeals court on Wednesday permitted the Justice Department to resume its use of classified records seized from the former president’s Florida estate as part of its ongoing criminal investigation.

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Dans une rĂ©pudiation brutale des arguments juridiques de Donald Trump, une cour d'appel fĂ©dĂ©rale a autorisĂ© mercredi le ministĂšre de la Justice Ă  reprendre son utilisation des documents classifiĂ©s saisis dans la propriĂ©tĂ© de l'ancien prĂ©sident en Floride dans le cadre de son enquĂȘte criminelle en cours. AP NEWS — Trump docs probe: Court lifts hold on Mar-a-Lago records | AP News
  • " "Repudiating war is something more than not using it, in repudiation there is the choice that this is not the tool, and those who wrote Article 11 of the (Italian) Constiution (repudiating war) had seen the same images that today we see in Ukraine," Zuppi said on the sidelines of a conference in Genoa.

    "La rĂ©pudiation de la guerre est quelque chose de plus que de ne pas l'utiliser, dans la rĂ©pudiation il y a le choix que ce n'est pas l'outil, et ceux qui ont Ă©crit l'article 11 de la Constitution (italienne) (rĂ©pudiation de la guerre) avaient vu les mĂȘmes images que nous voyons aujourd'hui en Ukraine", a dĂ©clarĂ© Zuppi en marge d'une confĂ©rence Ă  GĂȘnes. — 'Must we wait for atom bomb to repudiate war' - CEI chief - English -
  • Due to the savage repudiation of the broader bond market this year, even high-quality, lower-duration bonds are sporting surprisingly higher yields.

    En raison de la rĂ©pudiation sauvage du marchĂ© obligataire au sens large cette annĂ©e, mĂȘme les obligations de haute qualitĂ© et de faible durĂ©e affichent des rendements Ă©tonnamment Ă©levĂ©s. ETF Trends — Short-Term Corporates Could Be Right Idea for a Volatile Bond Market | ETF Trends
  • This was a striking repudiation of a two-term incumbent.

    Il s'agissait d'une répudiation frappante d'un titulaire de deux mandats. Will Kelowna city council heed the call for change? - Wilson on Water Street -
  • An employee who refuses to comply with certain policies, such as the Mask Policy, risks the possibility that the employer will reasonably view this refusal as a repudiation of the employment relationship.

    Un employé qui refuse de se conformer à certaines politiques, telles que la politique relative aux masques, risque de voir l'employeur considérer raisonnablement ce refus comme une répudiation de la relation de travail. Employees Should Think Twice Before Refusing To Comply With Employer's Mask Policies | MarketScreener
  • If accepted by an employee, an employer's repudiation of an employment contract invalidates post-termination restraints entirely.

    Si elle est acceptĂ©e par un employĂ©, la rĂ©pudiation d'un contrat de travail par l'employeur invalide entiĂšrement les restrictions postĂ©rieures au licenciement. Lexology — In review: employment law for executives in Australia - Lexology
  • Sir Keir's speech was not just a transparent repudiation of the era of Jeremy Corbyn - a man, remember, he served alongside and who he campaigned to make prime minister - it was also a naked embrace of the instincts, even the language of Tony Blair.

    Le discours de Sir Keir n'Ă©tait pas seulement une rĂ©pudiation transparente de l'Ăšre de Jeremy Corbyn - un homme, rappelez-vous, aux cĂŽtĂ©s duquel il a servi et pour lequel il a fait campagne pour qu'il devienne Premier ministre - c'Ă©tait aussi une Ă©treinte nue des instincts, voire du langage de Tony Blair. BBC News — Chris Mason: Liz Truss' troubles have left Labour buoyant - BBC News
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