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Remains in French : dépouille

Translations of « remains » in French

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  1. (Plural) Restes, la dĂ©pouille mortelle d'un ĂȘtre.
      The Buddha exhorted his followers not to worship him but to give his remains the honours of a Chakravartin (Emperor). Accordingly, stĆ«pas were erected over his remains and in his memory, and homage was rendered to them. — (K. R. Subramanian, Buddhist Remains in Āndhra and The History of Āndhra between 225 & 610 A.D., chapitre II (« The Monuments of Āndhra »), sous-chapitre « StĆ«pas », pages 13-14. Madras (Chennai)-Vepery, Diocesan Press, 1932 [fac-similé : Asian Educational Services, 1989].) It is understood that once the kupuna leaves this world to journey on to the spiritual world, their remains should never be disturbed. — (Daniel Akaka, 26 octobre 1990. Congressional Record : Proceedings and debates of the 101st Congress, second session, volume 136, part 24, page 35678. United States Givernment Printing Office, 1990.) Spain’s supreme court is expected to announce on Tuesday whether General Franco’s remains can be exhumed from the vast mausoleum outside Madrid where they have lain since the dictator’s death in 1975. — (Sam Jones, « Spain’s supreme court to rule on Franco exhumation expected to cause upset »., 22 septembre 2019.)

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Forme de nom commun

remains \ÉčÉȘˈmeÉȘnz\

  1. Pluriel de remain.

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Examples of usage of « remains » in English/French

  • A man remains in custody after being arrested following a fatal dog attack.

    Un homme reste en dĂ©tention aprĂšs avoir Ă©tĂ© arrĂȘtĂ© suite Ă  une attaque de chien mortelle. Liverpool Echo — Man remains in custody after woman killed in dog attack - Liverpool Echo
  • But further examinations will be done across a wider area and soil samples from land above Dove Stone reservoir that author Russell Edwards believes prove the presence of human remains are being examined.

    Mais d'autres examens seront effectuĂ©s sur une zone plus large et des Ă©chantillons de sol provenant de terrains situĂ©s au-dessus du rĂ©servoir de Dove Stone, qui, selon l'auteur Russell Edwards, prouvent la prĂ©sence de restes humains, sont actuellement examinĂ©s. Saddleworth Independent — Police say nothing found in Saddleworth Moor search after ‘human remains find’ claim – Saddleworth Independent
  • Barclays (BCS) says it remains positive about the long-term viability of bitcoin (BTC), and views bitcoin miner Core Scientific (CORZ) as a “best-in-class, leveraged play on the crypto ecosystem.”

    Barclays (BCS) dit qu'elle reste positive quant Ă  la viabilitĂ© Ă  long terme du bitcoin (BTC), et considĂšre le mineur de bitcoin Core Scientific (CORZ) comme "le meilleur de sa catĂ©gorie, un jeu Ă  effet de levier sur l'Ă©cosystĂšme cryptographique". Barclays Remains Positive on Bitcoin, Sees Miner Core Scientific as ‘Best-In-Class Leverage Play’