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Politician in French : politicien

Translations of « politician » in French

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  1. Politique, homme politique.
      Charles Stewart (1868-1946) was a Canadian politician who served as the third Premier of Alberta from 1917 until 1921. (Wikipedia)
  2. (Pejorative) Politicien.

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Examples of usage of « politician » in English/French

  • “Unlike abolitionists,” the historian Stanley Harrold notes in “American Abolitionism: Its Direct Political Impact from Colonial Times Into Reconstruction,” “most antislavery politicians, including those associated with the Federalist, Whig, Free Soil, and Republican Parties, rarely advocated general emancipation throughout the United States or black rights.

    "Contrairement aux abolitionnistes", note l'historien Stanley Harrold dans "American Abolitionism : Its Direct Political Impact from Colonial Times Into Reconstruction", "la plupart des politiciens antiesclavagistes, y compris ceux associés aux partis fédéraliste, whig, Free Soil et républicain, ont rarement prôné l'émancipation générale dans tous les États-Unis ou les droits des Noirs. Opinion | What an Antislavery Politician Missed and Why It Still Matters - The New York Times
  • "For those of you who are concerned about voting for me and not a politician, think about the damage that politicians like Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock have done to this country," he said.

    "Pour ceux d'entre vous qui s'inquiètent de voter pour moi et non pour un politicien, pensez aux dommages que des politiciens comme Joe Biden et Raphael Warnock ont causés à ce pays", a-t-il déclaré. The Telegraph — Herschel Walker: the sports star politician with Joe Biden's future in his hands