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Paw in French : patte

Translations of « paw » in French

Most common translation : patte Ecouter


paw \pɔː\

  1. Patte, pied.
      A paw is the soft foot of a mammal or other animal, generally a quadruped, that has claws or nails; comparable to a human hand or foot. It was seven o’clock of a very warm evening in the Seeonee hills when Father Wolf woke up from his day’s rest, scratched himself, yawned, and spread out his paws one after the other to get rid of the sleepy feeling in their tips. — (Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book, 1894) Il Ă©tait sept heures, par un soir trĂšs chaud, sur les collines de Seeonee. PĂšre Loup s’éveilla de son somme journalier, se gratta, bĂąilla et dĂ©tendit ses pattes l’une aprĂšs l’autre pour dissiper la sensation de paresse qui en raidissait encore les extrĂ©mitĂ©s.
  2. (Familiar) Paluche.

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paw \pɔː\

  1. Donner des coups de patte.
  2. (Familiar) Peloter.

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Examples of usage of « paw » in English/French

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  • It’s going to be a ‘paw’-ty, ‘fur’ real- as the Blue Bundu Brigade hosts its Happy Paw Trails and Adoption Day, which will include a fun run or walk for you and your beloved fur babies!

    La Brigade Blue Bundu organise sa journĂ©e d'adoption et de parcours de pattes, qui comprendra une course ou une marche amusante pour vous et vos bĂ©bĂ©s Ă  fourrure adorĂ©s ! Rising Sun Chatsworth — ‘Paw’-lease support Happy Paw Trails and Adoption Day | Rising Sun Chatsworth
  • No human interactions at Anakuma CafĂ© — just receive your order from a furry bear paw through a hole in the wall

    Pas d'interactions humaines au CafĂ© Anakuma - recevez votre commande d'une patte d'ours Ă  fourrure Ă  travers un trou dans le mur. Time Out Tokyo — Get your coffee from a bear paw at this unique cafe in Harajuku
  • He hurt his paw while playing and has been in pain.

    Il s'est blessĂ© Ă  la patte en jouant et a souffert. Hindustan Times — Golden Retriever shows injured paw to dadi, she showers him with love. Watch | Trending - Hindustan Times
  • "Selfie’s with paw paw," Lambert writes in the caption.

    "Selfie's with paw paw", Ă©crit Lambert dans la lĂ©gende. Taste of Country — PICS: Miranda Lambert and Her 'Paw Paw' Are the Cutest Duo
  • com/ourcauseforpaws or their Facebook page https://www.

    com/ourcauseforpaws ou sur leur page Facebook https://www. — Adopt a Furry Friend at The Rescue Paw Foundation's Adoption Event -
  • Administration of alloferon-1 also suppressed the expression of the inflammatory cytokines in the inflamed paw tissues such as tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 (MCP1), interleukin-5 (IL-5), etc.

    L'administration d'allofĂ©ron-1 a Ă©galement supprimĂ© l'expression des cytokines inflammatoires dans les tissus de la patte enflammĂ©e, comme le facteur de nĂ©crose tumorale-α (TNF-α), la protĂ©ine chimioattractante monocytaire 1 (MCP1), l'interleukine-5 (IL-5), etc. Nature — Alloferon-1 ameliorates acute inflammatory responses in λ-carrageenan-induced paw edema in mice | Scientific Reports
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