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Needy in French : besogneux

Translations of « needy » in French

Most common translations :


needy \niːdi\

  1. Nécessiteux.
      Let’s also give something for the needy. I don’t like being around her. She’s always acts so needy (emotionally needy).

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needy \niː.di\ pluriel

  1. Indigent.

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Examples of usage of « needy » in English / French

  • She says: "He can be quite a needy individual and get quite annoyed when little mishaps happen, which we sae when he has that outburst over the leaky pen at Hillsborough Castle.
    Elle déclare : "Il peut être un individu assez exigeant et s'énerver quand de petits incidents se produisent, comme nous l'avons vu quand il s'est emporté contre l'enclos qui fuyait au château de Hillsborough. OK! Magazine, Camilla knows how to ‘soothe and mollycoddle needy, hot tempered’ King Charles, says expert - OK! Magazine