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Modest in French : modeste

Translations of « modest » in French

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modest \mɒd.ɪst\

  1. Modeste.
      The recursive algorithm for computing Fibonacci numbers is compact, but it is slow, even when working with fairly modest values. — (Ben Stephenson, The Python Workbook (2nd edition), Springer, 2019, page 129)
  2. Modique.
      The City People's Committee of Murska Sobota purchased the building for a modest sum of money in mid-1949 — (Oto Luthar, The Land of Shadows: The memory of the expulsion and disappearance of the Jewish community in Prekmurje p. 50) Le City People's Committee of Murska Sobota acheta le bâtiment pour une somme modique en 1949

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Examples of usage of « modest » in English / French

  • ostelworld the accommodation service catering to international travellers expects to end its financial year in a “modest earnings positive” as bookings have rebounded post-pandemic.
    ostelworld, le service d'hébergement destiné aux voyageurs internationaux, s'attend à terminer son exercice financier avec un "résultat légèrement positif", les réservations ayant rebondi après la pandémie. Evening Standard, Hostelworld predicts modest post-pandemic earnings bounce | Evening Standard
  • "The development of the modest fashion industry and the IN2MOTIONFEST are the results of working together," said Ita Rulina, Director of the Department of Economics and Sharia Finance of BI.
    "Le développement de l'industrie de la mode modeste et l'IN2MOTIONFEST sont les résultats d'une collaboration", a déclaré Ita Rulina, directrice du département de l'économie et de la finance charia de BI. , The Inaugural IN2MOTIONFEST Comes to a Successful Close, Marks a New Era for the Indonesian Modest Wear Industry