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Lopsided in French : bancal

Translations of « lopsided » in French

Most common translation : bancal Ecouter



  1. Mal proportionné, irrégulier, dont un cÎté est plus haut que l'autre cÎté.
    • The painting on the wall is lopsided. Raise the left side higher.
    • That door is lopsided. It's leaning to the right.
  2. Bancal.
    • That table is lopsided. One leg is higher than the other.
  3. (Figurative) Inégal.
    • lopsided victory, lopsided combat, lopsided contest

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Examples of usage of « lopsided » in English / French

  • According to one study, individuals in lopsided relationships experienced more conflicts and physical aggression, and lower levels of relationship satisfaction, than individuals in more balanced relationships (Stanley et al.
    Selon une étude, les personnes vivant des relations déséquilibrées ont connu plus de conflits et d'agressions physiques, et des niveaux de satisfaction relationnelle plus faibles, que les personnes vivant des relations plus équilibrées (Stanley et al. Psychology Today, Lopsided Relationships: When Your Needs Always Come Last | Psychology Today United Kingdom