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Lightning in French : éclair

Translations of « lightning » in French

Most common translations :


lightning \ˈlait.niƋ\ gĂ©nĂ©ralement indĂ©nombrable

  1. Foudre.
      The lightning was hot enough to melt the sand. La foudre Ă©tait assez chaude pour faire fondre le sable. That tree was hit by lightning. Cet arbre a Ă©tĂ© frappĂ© par la foudre. Auster and Aquilon with winged SteedsAll Ćżweating, tilt about the watery heauens,With Ćżhiuering Ćżpeares enforcing thunderclaps,And from their Ćżhields Ćżtrike flames of lightening — (Chrispher Marloze, Tamburlaine the Great, part 1, London, 1592, 2nd edition (OCLC 932920499)) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter) The rain at length ceased; and the lightnings, as they played along the black parapet of clouds, that lay piled in the east, shone with less dazzling fierceness, [
] — (Daniel Pierce Thompson, The Green Mountain Boys, 1881, page 281) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter)
  2. Éclair.
      Although we did not see the lightening, we did hear the thunder. Quoi que nous n’ayons pas vu l’éclair, nous avons entendu la foudre. Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here we are? — (King James Version, The Holy Bible, chapter XXXVIII, Robert Barker, London, 1611 (OCLC 964384981)) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter) It was the thought of hot July and August days, when the clouds piled up like woolly mountains, and lightnings streaked the sky. — (E. L. Morris, The Child’s Eden, 1901, page 16.) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter)
  3. (Figurative) Se dit de tout ce qui bouge trĂšs rapidement.
      Nobs, though, was lightning by comparison with the slow thinking beast and dodged his opponent's thrust with ease. Then he raced to the rear of the tremendous thing and seized it by the tail. — (Edgard Rice Burroughs, The Land That Time Forgot, chapter V, 1918) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter)

Derived terms translation

  • ball lightning : foudre en boule
  • greased lightning : foudre graissĂ©e
  • lightning bug : insecte foudroyant
  • lightning bolt : Ă©clair
  • lightning conductor : paratonnerre
  • lightning detector : dĂ©tecteur de foudre
  • lightning fast : rapide comme l'Ă©clair
  • lightning rod : paratonnerre
  • lightning round : round Ă©clair
  • lightning strike : foudre
  • sheet lightning : foudre en feuille
  • upward lightning : Ă©clair ascendant

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lightning \ˈlait.niƋ\

  1. Furtivement.
  2. Qui bouge Ă  la vitesse de l’éclair.
      The insurgents then began their lightning advance along the Euphrates in the Sunni heartland toward Baghdad. — (Nader Uskowi, Temperature Rising, page 69) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter)

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lightning \ˈlait.niƋ\ impersonnel, intransitif

  1. (Children's language) Produire des Ă©clairs.
      Or if it thundered and lightninged, Aunt Frances always dropped everything she might be doing and held Elizabeth Ann tightly in her arms until it was all over. — (Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Understoof Betsy, 1916) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter) The next day, though it is not only raining but thundering and lightninging as well, antiquing is seen by three-fourths of those present as a lesser evil than free play. — (Dan Greenburg, Chewsday: a sex novel, 1968) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter) "Hey!" yelled Reggie, pulling her back. "Get in here! It's lightninging. I don't want a charcoal-broiled friend!" — (Tricia Springstubb, Eunice Gottlieb and the unwhitewashed truth bout life, 1987) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter) I don’t know, Father, but believe me, it has been a horrible night — one that I’ll never forget. It thundered and lightninged, and I was very hungry. — (Carlo Collodi, Roberto Innocenti, The adventures of Pinocchio, 1988) La traduction en français de l’exemple manque. (Ajouter)

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Examples of usage of « lightning » in English/French

  • You’re just lying there waiting for the lightning to hit you.

    Tu es juste allongĂ© lĂ  Ă  attendre que la foudre te frappe. the Guardian — Does warmer weather mean I’m more likely to be hit by lightning? We ask an expert | Social trends | The Guardian
  • Mohamed Usman, 15, was on his friend’s roof in the city of Prayagraj when lightning struck on Friday evening, killing him instantly. His friend Aznan was injured and is being treated in a hospital.

    Mohamed Usman, 15 ans, se trouvait sur le toit de son ami dans la ville de Prayagraj lorsque la foudre a frappĂ© vendredi soir, le tuant sur le coup. Son ami Aznan a Ă©tĂ© blessĂ© et est soignĂ© dans un hĂŽpital. the Guardian — Lightning and heavy rains kill 36 in northern India in one day | India | The Guardian
  • 22, 2022 -- Sonia Chavez was on the balcony of her midrise Dallas apartment when the unthinkable happened: As she was filming a thunderstorm with her cellphone, lightning struck her in a flash of blinding light and searing heat that knocked her off her feet.

    22, 2022 -- Sonia Chavez se trouvait sur le balcon de son appartement de Dallas lorsque l'impensable s'est produit : Alors qu'elle filmait un orage avec son tĂ©lĂ©phone portable, la foudre l'a frappĂ©e dans un Ă©clair aveuglant et une chaleur torride qui l'ont fait tomber par terre. WebMD — Lightning Fatalities on the Rise: How to Stay Safe in a Storm