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Indefinite in French : indéfini

Translations of « indefinite » in French

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  1. Infini, perpétuel, interminable.

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Examples of usage of « indefinite » in English/French

  • An indefinite-term employment contract, a.k.a. “open-ended” or “non-fixed-term” employment contract, is an employment contract where the employer and the employee have agreed that there is no definite expiration date.

    Un contrat de travail Ă  durĂ©e indĂ©terminĂ©e, aussi appelĂ© contrat de travail "Ă  durĂ©e indĂ©terminĂ©e" ou "Ă  durĂ©e non dĂ©terminĂ©e", est un contrat de travail dans lequel l'employeur et l'employĂ© ont convenu qu'il n'y a pas de date d'expiration dĂ©finie. China Briefing News — Fixed-Term Contracts in the UK and China: FAQs (Includes Video)
  • Close to 9,000 prisoners were warehoused indefinitely by the state, many without due cause, and plunged into the mental torment of a “never-ending” sentence, with no conventional path to release.

    PrĂšs de 9 000 prisonniers ont Ă©tĂ© entreposĂ©s indĂ©finiment par l'État, souvent sans raison valable, et plongĂ©s dans les tourments mentaux d'une peine "sans fin", sans voie conventionnelle vers la libĂ©ration. the Guardian — The Guardian view on indefinite sentences: still blighting thousands of lives | Editorial | The Guardian
  • Some banks have stated that they will continue urgent operations for clients and back-office services for businesses; however, front-office services will remain indefinitely suspended.

    Certaines banques ont dĂ©clarĂ© qu'elles poursuivraient les opĂ©rations urgentes pour les clients et les services de back-office pour les entreprises ; toutefois, les services de front-office resteront suspendus pour une durĂ©e indĂ©terminĂ©e. Lebanon: Banks nationwide announce indefinite closure as of Oct. 9 | Crisis24 — Lebanon: Banks nationwide announce indefinite closure as of Oct. 9 | Crisis24