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Implore in French : implorer

Translations of « implore » in French

Most common translation : implorer Ecouter


implore \Prononciation ?\

  1. Implorer.
    • I implore you to do this for my sake.

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Examples of usage of « implore » in English/French

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  • This morning Tory peer Baroness Stroud, who helped establish UC, implored the PM to hike benefits in line with inflation rather than wages.

    Ce matin, la baronne Stroud, membre du parti conservateur, qui a participĂ© Ă  la crĂ©ation de l'UC, a implorĂ© le Premier ministre d'augmenter les allocations en fonction de l'inflation plutĂŽt que des salaires. The Sun — Benefits update - Liz Truss to deliver major update on increase in just weeks | The Sun
  • I also implore you to use your pulpits and influence to enlighten members of various congregation about the importance of taking part in the electoral process – assessing the various candidates and their manifestos, going out to vote for credible and competent leaders, and holding to account all those in authority.

    Je vous implore Ă©galement d'utiliser vos chaires et votre influence pour Ă©clairer les membres des diffĂ©rentes congrĂ©gations sur l'importance de prendre part au processus Ă©lectoral - en Ă©valuant les diffĂ©rents candidats et leurs manifestes, en allant voter pour des dirigeants crĂ©dibles et compĂ©tents, et en demandant des comptes Ă  tous ceux qui dĂ©tiennent l'autoritĂ©. Preach against Electoral Violence, Religious Intolerance, Sanwo-Olu Urges Clerics – THISDAYLIVE
  • Sarah Kelly has implored the FA to punish Cristiano Ronaldo for his 'unacceptable behaviour'

    Sarah Kelly a implorĂ© la FA de sanctionner Cristiano Ronaldo pour son "comportement inacceptable". Mail Online — Angry mum implores FA to punish Cristiano Ronaldo appropriately after he smashes her son's phone | Daily Mail Online
  • I implore our court to come together to fund our public hospital system to the level that it needs, and deserves.

    J'implore notre cour de s'unir pour financer notre systĂšme hospitalier public au niveau dont il a besoin, et qu'il mĂ©rite. Houston Chronicle — CEO of Harris Health implores leaders to prioritize healthcare
  • I implore all rational Republicans, and Independents, to break with Scott Perry and vote for Shamaine Daniels in November.

    J'implore tous les rĂ©publicains rationnels, et les indĂ©pendants, de rompre avec Scott Perry et de voter pour Shamaine Daniels en novembre. pennlive — Rational Republicans need to vote Perry out of office | Opinion -
  • Mr Lewis went on to implore the government to do something.

    M. Lewis a poursuivi en implorant le gouvernement de faire quelque chose. Liverpool Echo — Martin Lewis issues 'by Christmas' warning over mortgage rates - Liverpool Echo
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