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Evaluation in French : évaluation

Translations of « evaluation » in French

Most common translation : évaluation Ecouter


evaluation \ÉȘˌvĂŠ.ljuːˈeÉȘ.ʃən\

  1. Évaluation.

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Examples of usage of « evaluation » in English/French

  • This report outlines the FCDO’s work to continuously improve the focus, quality and use of evaluation in programmes and projects.

    Ce rapport dĂ©crit le travail de l'OFDD pour amĂ©liorer continuellement l'orientation, la qualitĂ© et l'utilisation de l'Ă©valuation dans les programmes et les projets. GOV.UK — Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) annual evaluation report 2021 to 2022 - GOV.UK
  • Our researchers carried out a process evaluation among legal representatives and professionals within the tribunal to understand:

    Nos chercheurs ont procĂ©dĂ© Ă  une Ă©valuation des processus parmi les reprĂ©sentants lĂ©gaux et les professionnels du tribunal afin de comprendre : GOV.UK — First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) Reform: Interim process evaluation - GOV.UK
  • A team of Council of Europe experts has carried out an evaluation visit in Dublin, Ireland, to assess the country’s anti-doping programme, practices and measures.

    Une Ă©quipe d'experts du Conseil de l'Europe a effectuĂ© une visite d'Ă©valuation Ă  Dublin, en Irlande, pour Ă©valuer le programme, les pratiques et les mesures antidopage du pays. Sport — Anti-Doping evaluation visit to Ireland - Newsroom
  • For some of the COVID-19 vaccine methodology issues there are still insufficient data to make a recommendation, in which case different options for approaching VE evaluations are presented.

    Pour certaines questions relatives à la méthodologie des vaccins COVID-19, les données sont encore insuffisantes pour formuler une recommandation, auquel cas différentes options pour aborder les évaluations de la VE sont présentées. Evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness in a changing landscape of COVID-19 epidemiology and vaccination
  • We also present the evaluation strategy, based on the EQUIHP and RE-AIM frameworks.

    Nous prĂ©sentons Ă©galement la stratĂ©gie d'Ă©valuation, basĂ©e sur les cadres EQUIHP et RE-AIM. BioMed Central — Municipal community centers as healthy settings: evaluation of a real-world health promotion intervention in Jerusalem | BMC Public Health | Full Text
  • This activity evaluation of “Asset Creation and Public Works Activities in Lesotho 2015-2019” was commissioned by the Ministry of Forestry, Range, and Soil Conservation (MFRSC) and the WFP Lesotho Country Office (LCO).

    Cette Ă©valuation de l'activitĂ© " CrĂ©ation d'actifs et activitĂ©s de travaux publics au Lesotho 2015-2019 " a Ă©tĂ© commandĂ©e par le ministĂšre des ForĂȘts, des PĂąturages et de la Conservation des sols (MFRSC) et le bureau de pays du PAM au Lesotho (LCO). ReliefWeb — Evaluation of Asset Creation and Public Works Activities in Lesotho 2015-2019 (Final) - Decentralized Evaluation Report - Lesotho | ReliefWeb
  • The pioneering social enterprise, VisionSpring, seeks a global director of monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) to lead the development, execution, and quality assurance of the MERL strategy in alignment with VisionSpring’s mission and values.

    L'entreprise sociale pionniĂšre, VisionSpring, recherche un directeur mondial du suivi, de l'Ă©valuation, de la recherche et de l'apprentissage (MERL) pour diriger le dĂ©veloppement, l'exĂ©cution et l'assurance qualitĂ© de la stratĂ©gie MERL en accord avec la mission et les valeurs de VisionSpring. ReliefWeb — Global Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning | ReliefWeb
  • The evaluation is due to be carried out between December 2022 and October 2023 by an external consultant.

    L'Ă©valuation doit ĂȘtre rĂ©alisĂ©e entre dĂ©cembre 2022 et octobre 2023 par un consultant externe. Statewatch | Evaluation of the 2019 Frontex Regulation: Statewatch submission to the European Commission call for evidence
  • We outline the evaluation method, explain its counterintuitive impact on protest rights, and flag a few considerations that can mitigate contractors’ risks or, at a minimum, allow them to make informed business judgments before proceeding with this type of competition.

    Nous dĂ©crivons la mĂ©thode d'Ă©valuation, expliquons son impact contre-intuitif sur les droits de protestation, et signalons quelques considĂ©rations qui peuvent attĂ©nuer les risques des entrepreneurs ou, au minimum, leur permettre de faire des jugements commerciaux Ă©clairĂ©s avant de procĂ©der Ă  ce type de concours. JD Supra — New ‘Advisory Down Select’ Evaluation Approach Alters Contractors’ Protest Calculus | Wiley Rein LLP - JDSupra
  • uk/government/publications/call-for-proposals-uk-space-agency-spaceflight-competition-fund-for-rocketry-competitions/annex-d-evaluation-criteria-and-marking-of-proposals

    uk/gouvernement/publications/appels à propositions/uk-space-agency-spaceflight-competition-fund-for-rocketry-competitions/annex-d-evaluation-criteria-and-marking-of-proposals GOV.UK — Annex D: Evaluation Criteria and marking of proposals - GOV.UK
  • A ground-breaking mental health programme which supports people in distress was successfully extended during the pandemic, according to a new evaluation led by the University of Stirling.

    Selon une nouvelle Ă©valuation menĂ©e par l'UniversitĂ© de Stirling, un programme novateur de santĂ© mentale qui soutient les personnes en dĂ©tresse a Ă©tĂ© Ă©tendu avec succĂšs pendant la pandĂ©mie. University of Stirling — Evaluation finds extension of distress intervention during pandemic was a success | About | University of Stirling
  •  In addition, our program evaluation did not formally include all stakeholders, such as other course directors and UME leaders.

    En outre, notre Ă©valuation du programme n'a pas inclus formellement toutes les parties prenantes, telles que les autres directeurs de cours et les responsables de l'EGM. Cureus | Evaluation of a Required Vertical Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum for Undergraduate Medical Students
  • This evaluation report shows in particular the following trends:

    Ce rapport d'Ă©valuation montre notamment les tendances suivantes : Human Rights and Rule of Law — CEPEJ publishes its new Evaluation Report on European judicial systems - All news
  • Valid Eval was also awarded a contract to facilitate the evaluation of grants submitted to the Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) discretionary grant program with $100 million appropriated annually for FY22-26.

    Valid Eval a également obtenu un contrat pour faciliter l'évaluation des subventions soumises au programme de subventions discrétionnaires Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART), doté de 100 millions de dollars par an pour les années 22 à 26. Valid Eval Helps Department of Transportation Manage $5 Billion Program with Evaluation Services
  • Frontex is inviting commercial operators offering services in the area of adversarial testing and evaluation of counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) and low-flying object (LFO) detection systems to an online Industry Day on October 6, 2022.

    Frontex invite les opérateurs commerciaux offrant des services dans le domaine des essais et de l'évaluation contradictoires des systÚmes aériens sans pilote (C-UAS) et des systÚmes de détection d'objets volant à basse altitude (LFO) à une journée industrielle en ligne le 6 octobre 2022. Invitation to Online Industry Day: Counter-drone adversarial testing and evaluation services
  • The consultant will be responsible for reviewing and implementing a monitoring and evaluation framework and will assess the progress, achievements, and challenges of the OPAL programme.

    Le consultant sera chargĂ© de rĂ©viser et de mettre en Ɠuvre un cadre de suivi et d'Ă©valuation et Ă©valuera les progrĂšs, les rĂ©alisations et les dĂ©fis du programme OPAL. ReliefWeb — Monitoring, Evaluaton and Learning Consultant - 10-12 days per month - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland | ReliefWeb
  • ” Moreover, the evaluation partner will help identify successful approaches with particular communities and track motivation and engagement possibilities that can help gambling harm recovery treatment in the future.

    " En outre, le partenaire d'Ă©valuation aidera Ă  identifier les approches rĂ©ussies avec des communautĂ©s particuliĂšres et Ă  suivre les possibilitĂ©s de motivation et d'engagement qui peuvent aider le traitement de rĂ©cupĂ©ration des dommages par le jeu Ă  l'avenir. GamblingNews — GambleAware Opens Bids for Evaluation and Learning Partners - GamblingNews
  • For fixed-term instructors and for yearly evaluations of teaching, SETs are often the key.

    Pour les instructeurs Ă  durĂ©e dĂ©terminĂ©e et pour les Ă©valuations annuelles de l'enseignement, les SET sont souvent la clĂ©. Psychology Today — Improving the Evaluation of College Teaching | Psychology Today United Kingdom
  • At the onset of the pandemic sharing of evidence was reliant on personal relationships and individual leadership but was eventually supported by regional and national NHS systems to facilitate evaluation.

    Au dĂ©but de la pandĂ©mie, le partage des preuves dĂ©pendait des relations personnelles et du leadership individuel, mais il a finalement Ă©tĂ© soutenu par les systĂšmes rĂ©gionaux et nationaux du NHS pour faciliter l'Ă©valuation. The BMJ — Learning networks in the pandemic: mobilising evidence for improvement | The BMJ