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Enrage in French : enrager

Translations of « enrage » in French

Most common translation : enrager Ecouter


enrage \ɛn.ˈÉčeÉȘdʒ\

  1. Courroucer.
  2. HĂ©risser.

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Examples of usage of « enrage » in English/French

  • Rail unions have said plans announced by the chancellor to limit the scope of strikes and pay negotiations will further “enrage” their members, before a period of sustained industrial action.

    Les syndicats ferroviaires ont dĂ©clarĂ© que les plans annoncĂ©s par le chancelier pour limiter le champ d'application des grĂšves et des nĂ©gociations salariales ne feront qu'"enrager" davantage leurs membres, avant une pĂ©riode d'action industrielle soutenue. the Guardian — Rail unions say government plans to limit strikes will ‘enrage’ members | Rail strikes | The Guardian
  • Some of her plans will enrage the grassroots Tories who voted for Liz almost as much as they infuriate Labour and the Lib Dems.

    Certains de ses projets feront enrager les conservateurs de base qui ont votĂ© pour Liz, presque autant qu'ils feront enrager les travaillistes et les libĂ©raux-dĂ©mocrates. The Sun — Some of Liz Truss' plans will enrage and infuriate, but they're designed to save us from Putin-inflicted winter meltdown | The Sun
  • There is something to enrage every cohort in the report – farmers, middle-income PAYE workers, the self-employed and older people.

    Il y a de quoi faire enrager toutes les cohortes dans le rapport - les agriculteurs, les salariĂ©s Ă  revenu moyen, les indĂ©pendants et les personnes ĂągĂ©es. independent — Something to enrage every worker in the country: Divisive taxation report could be dead on arrival -
  • “That this aspiration would be offensive to people and enrage them

    " Que cette aspiration soit offensante pour les gens et les fasse enrager.... NME — 'The Rings Of Power' showrunner addresses "patently evil" racist backlash
  • Mercato Mercato – PSG: MbappĂ© succumbs to Qatar, Spain enrages

    Mercato Mercato - PSG : MbappĂ© succombe au Qatar, l'Espagne enrage US Sports — Mercato Mercato – PSG: MbappĂ© succumbs to Qatar, Spain enrages - US Sports
  • If there’s a benefit to our national broadcaster beyond its vital ability to speak to and engage all of Britain’s citizens on a principle of universal geographic accessibility distanced from vested interests, not to mention enrage idiots like Nadine Dorries by its mere taxpayer-funded existence, then it’s how it functions as a permanent repository for the cultural memory of a nation.

    S'il y a un avantage pour notre radiodiffuseur national, au-delĂ  de sa capacitĂ© vitale Ă  s'adresser Ă  tous les citoyens britanniques et Ă  les engager sur un principe d'accessibilitĂ© gĂ©ographique universelle, loin des intĂ©rĂȘts particuliers, sans parler de faire enrager des idiots comme Nadine Dorries par sa simple existence financĂ©e par les contribuables, c'est sa fonction de dĂ©pĂŽt permanent de la mĂ©moire culturelle d'une nation. The Big Issue — The BBC is the repository of our cultural memory. Protect it at all costs - The Big Issue
  • Reactions to the tweet were mostly enraged with some users even calling into question the authority that the UNO account has to be making rules.

    Les rĂ©actions au tweet ont Ă©tĂ© pour la plupart enragĂ©es, certains utilisateurs remettant mĂȘme en question l'autoritĂ© du compte de l'ONU pour Ă©tablir des rĂšgles. The Jerusalem Post | — Have you been playing UNO wrong? Rule clarification enrages players - The Jerusalem Post
  • Palestinians were enraged on Sunday after a video was shared on TikTok showing what appeared to be a Jewish woman dancing on the Temple Mount to the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It.

    Les Palestiniens ont Ă©tĂ© furieux dimanche aprĂšs la diffusion sur TikTok d'une vidĂ©o montrant ce qui semble ĂȘtre une femme juive dansant sur le Mont du Temple au son de la chanson "I'm Sexy and I Know It". The Jerusalem Post | — Woman dances to 'I'm Sexy' song at Temple Mount, enrages Palestinians - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post
  • I know this will enrage a lot of fans but he’s not wrong.

    Je sais que cela va faire enrager beaucoup de fans mais il n'a pas tort. Steelers Wire — ESPN analyst throws shade at Steelers RB Najee Harris
  • In a move that would enrage J.

    Dans un geste qui fera enrager J. Time Out New York — The New York Public Library is releasing a special edition Spider-Man library card