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Emotion in French : émotion

Translations of « emotion » in French

Most common translation : émotion Ecouter



  1. Émotion.

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Examples of usage of « emotion » in English / French

  • Whereas emotion coaching takes a different, “relational” approach, she says. “What we’re trying to do is help the child make sense of their big feelings
 we’re trying to empathise and validate their feelings.”
    Alors que le coaching émotionnel adopte une approche différente, "relationnelle", dit-elle. "Ce que nous essayons de faire, c'est d'aider l'enfant à donner un sens à ses grands sentiments... nous essayons de faire preuve d'empathie et de valider ses sentiments.", Forget the naughty step, I hired an emotion coach to help my child with everything from grades to popularity
  • There’s something so sweet and endearing about people showing their real emotions, being so unfiltered and vulnerable with a hearty cry.
    Il y a quelque chose de si doux et de si attachant dans le fait que les gens montrent leurs vraies Ă©motions, qu'ils soient sans filtre et vulnĂ©rables en pleurant de bon cƓur. Khaleej Times, Nadal's tearful goodbye to Federer was such a pure display of emotion that you can’t help but tear up too - News | Khaleej Times
  • These days, all emotions are good, we are told, and we are free (especially thanks to social media) to speak the unspeakable and share our secret craziness.
    De nos jours, toutes les émotions sont bonnes, nous dit-on, et nous sommes libres (notamment grùce aux médias sociaux) de dire l'indicible et de partager nos folies secrÚtes. Psychology Today, Why Learning From Our Emotions Requires Resisting Talk of Diagnoses | Psychology Today
  • It evoked poignant emotions. Unforgettable memories.
    Il a évoqué des émotions poignantes. Des souvenirs inoubliables. Sky Sports, Ellen White: Former Lionesses striker recalls 'raw emotion' of Euros final after making decision to retire pre-tournament | Football News | Sky Sports