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Delicacy in French : délicatesse

Translations of « delicacy » in French

Most common translation : délicatesse Ecouter



  1. DĂ©lice. friandise.
      The bulbous roots, which look like brown radishes, are rich in sugar and starch and have a distinctly sweet, tangy flavor that has made them a delicacy in the high Andean plateau region of Peru and Bolivia. Maca roots are usually roasted or boiled in milk or water to form a sort of gruel [...] — (Noel Vietmeyer, article "Forgotten Roots of the Incas", page 100, in Chilies to Chocolate: Food the Americas Gave the World (edited by Nelson Foster and Linda S. Cordell). University of Arizona Press; 1992.)
  2. (Kitchen) Spécialité culinaire.
      Such expectations reflected their clear choice between two kinds of Chinese food that were made available to them: the simple and inexpensive dishes like chop suey, and China’s haute cuisine featuring delicacies like shark’s fins. — (Yong Chen, Chop Suey, USA: The Story of Chinese Food in America, page 126. Columbia University Press, 2014.) The captain of the Titanic was from Stoke-on-Trent, a city of six towns where the local delicacy is the oatcake. — (Article « We Are Stoke-on-Trent: What links the Titanic and oatcakes? ». BBC News, 28 septembre 2019.)
  3. DĂ©licatesse.
      But, I say we are all liable to mistakes and I should feel sensible of your delicacy, and grateful for it, if you would spare me these references to Harthouse. — (Charles Dickens, Hard Times - For These Times, Book the Third, Chapter III: Very Decided . Bradbury & Ecans, 1854.)

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Examples of usage of « delicacy » in English/French

  • The world of caviar is one of luxury, an intricate harvesting process and high-priced tins of the delicacy. 

    Le monde du caviar est celui du luxe, d'un processus de rĂ©colte complexe et de boĂźtes de conserve trĂšs coĂ»teuses. USA TODAY — What is caviar? Inside the fish egg industry.
  • The John Bull is a Blackburn delicacy, but what is it all about?

    Le John Bull est une spĂ©cialitĂ© de Blackburn, mais de quoi s'agit-il ? LancsLive — We tried the Blackburn chippy delicacy 'John Bull' and were very impressed - Susan Newton - LancsLive
  • Cut to the last decade or so, when many Chinese restaurants, barring just a few, have morphed into multi-cuisine or pan-Asian establishments, where the emphasis is no longer on the delicacy of the dimsum or the integrity of the noodle.

    Depuis une dizaine d'annĂ©es, de nombreux restaurants chinois, Ă  l'exception de quelques-uns, se sont transformĂ©s en Ă©tablissements multi-cuisines ou pan-asiatiques, oĂč l'accent n'est plus mis sur la dĂ©licatesse du dimsum ou l'intĂ©gritĂ© des nouilles. Traveldine — JW Marriott’s Tao-Fu Promises Pune Authentic Chinese Delicacies Like Momma Made | Traveldine
  • One can never visit Gujarat and go without indulging in this traditional delicacy.

    On ne peut jamais visiter le Gujarat sans goĂ»ter Ă  cette spĂ©cialitĂ© traditionnelle. NDTV Food — Khatta Meetha Dhokla Recipe: Make This Gujarati Delicacy With A Sweet And Tangy Twist - NDTV Food
  • With intentional rifts and creases, and as though torn off the body in a single primal, impulsive and intimate moment, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons set out to show “the interrelationship between the raw and the sensual, delicacy and roughness”, the show notes read.

    Avec des dĂ©chirures et des plis intentionnels, et comme s'ils avaient Ă©tĂ© arrachĂ©s du corps en un seul moment primitif, impulsif et intime, Miuccia Prada et Raf Simons ont voulu montrer "l'interrelation entre le brut et le sensuel, la dĂ©licatesse et la rugositĂ©", selon les notes du dĂ©filĂ©. Grazia — At Prada, Delicacy And Roughness Are Deftly Presented With Paper-Based Fabric - Grazia
  • South African delicacy ‘Lamb Bunny Chow’ is the highlight of this week’s Home Chefs Special that is currently on show on the SevenzTV channel.’

    Le dĂ©lice sud-africain "Lamb Bunny Chow" est le point fort de l'Ă©mission "Home Chefs Special" diffusĂ©e cette semaine sur la chaĂźne SevenzTV. — South African delicacy telecast on SevenzTV this week -
  • The Fourth episode of the Home Chefs Series of SevenzTV features a delicacy from the Middle East, bringing an Arabic flavour that has delighted people worldwide.

    Le quatriĂšme Ă©pisode de la sĂ©rie "Home Chefs" de SevenzTV prĂ©sente un mets dĂ©licat du Moyen-Orient, apportant une saveur arabe qui a ravi les gens du monde entier. — An Upside Down delicacy from the Middle East -
  • The Garbologists is the same: a delicacy of a play in the disguise of a trash-collection story.

    Les Garbologues, c'est la mĂȘme chose : une piĂšce dĂ©licate sous le dĂ©guisement d'une histoire de collecte d'ordures. Evanston RoundTable — Review: 'The Garbologists': Northlight's delicacy of a play - Evanston RoundTable
  • OFE Achara is a native delicacy of the Igbos in the Eastern part of Nigeria. It is traditionally prepared with Akpuruakpu Egusi (moulded egusi). 

    L'Achara OFE est un mets indigĂšne des Igbos dans la partie orientale du Nigeria. Il est traditionnellement prĂ©parĂ© avec de l'Akpuruakpu Egusi (egusi moulĂ©). — NIGERIAN LOCAL DELICACY: Prepare lip-smacking Ofe Achara in quick, easy steps! -
  • I do not know the time it all started, but I know that sometimes in the 80s and 90s, we were told the imperative of banning the delicacy.

    Je ne sais pas quand tout a commencĂ©, mais je sais que parfois, dans les annĂ©es 80 et 90, on nous a parlĂ© de l'impĂ©ratif d'interdire cette friandise. The Nation Newspaper — Let ponmo be The Nation Newspaper
  • The TV chef, 46, shaved the delicacy on top of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s pasta – admitting it costs over ÂŁ100.

    Le chef de la tĂ©lĂ©vision, ĂągĂ© de 46 ans, a dĂ©coupĂ© le dĂ©lice sur les pĂątes de Phillip Schofield et Holly Willoughby - admettant qu'il coĂ»te plus de 100 ÂŁ. The Sun — This Morning fans slam Gino D’Acampo for cooking with ÂŁ100 truffle amid cost of living crisis | The Sun
  • An unwanted and invasive species in Michigan turns out to be a royal delicacy across the pond!

    Une espĂšce indĂ©sirable et envahissante dans le Michigan s'avĂšre ĂȘtre un mets royal de l'autre cĂŽtĂ© de l'Ă©tang ! 103.3 WKFR — Sea Lamprey Pie: Royal Delicacy Links Great Lakes & Great Britain
  • The United States has a problem with an invasive fish, so the need to rebrand it as a delicacy was urgent. Chicago studio Span explains how they went about it.

    Les États-Unis ont un problĂšme avec un poisson invasif, il Ă©tait donc urgent de le renommer comme un mets dĂ©licat. Le studio de Chicago Span explique comment il s'y est pris. Creative Boom — Chicago studio Span rebrands Asian carp as 'Copi' to help US biodiversity | Creative Boom
  • The Kogi State Government has assured Mopa residents of its determination to get to the root of the mysterious death of four members of a family after eating a local delicacy known as ‘Amala’.

    Le gouvernement de l'État de Kogi a assurĂ© les habitants de Mopa de sa dĂ©termination Ă  faire la lumiĂšre sur la mort mystĂ©rieuse de quatre membres d'une famille aprĂšs avoir mangĂ© un mets local connu sous le nom d'"Amala". Punch Newspapers — Kogi govt vows to unravel Mopa 'mysterious deaths'