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Daily in French : journalier

Translations of « daily » in French

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  1. Journalier.
    • The only programme we watch here is the daily news bulletin at 7 o’clock.

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  1. Tous les jours, quotidiennement
      ‘I know what she meant,’ said an old lady, who was one of the many regulars who came daily to sit on the grass and watch the line of supplicants shuffling along to hear their fortune. — (Stephen Fry, Heroes, Penguin Books, 2019, p. 20)

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daily, dailies pluriel

  1. (Journalism) Journal quotidien.

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Examples of usage of « daily » in English / French

  • UK daily milk deliveries
    Livraisons quotidiennes de lait au Royaume-Uni , Support for domestic grains: Grain market daily | AHDB
  • This follows yesterday’s increase of the upper limit of daily purchases of long-term bonds from £5bn to £10bn as well as the deployment of a temporary repo facility.
    Cette décision fait suite à l'augmentation, hier, de la limite supérieure des achats quotidiens d'obligations à long terme, qui est passée de 5 à 10 milliards de livres, ainsi qu'au déploiement d'un mécanisme temporaire de prise en pension. ING Think, FX Daily: More downside for sterling | Article | ING Think
  • The Bank doubled the size of daily auctions to a maximum of £10 billion, from £5 billion.
    La Banque a doublé la taille des adjudications quotidiennes pour la porter à un maximum de 10 milliards de livres, contre 5 milliards auparavant. Morningstar UK,  Kwarteng Gears Up for Oct 31, BoE Doubles Daily... | Morningstar
  • Get the latest Celtic news sent straight to your inbox with our daily newsletter
    Recevez les dernières nouvelles du Celtic directement dans votre boîte aux lettres grâce à notre newsletter quotidienne. Daily Record, Ange Postecoglou calls for no Celtic fear in Europe as he tells players 'I’ll take responsibility if it goes wrong' - Daily Record
  • The route will compliment the multiply daily flights with British Airways to London Heathrow.
    Cette liaison complétera les multiples vols quotidiens de British Airways vers Londres Heathrow. aberdeenlive, New daily Aberdeen to London flights set to take off this winter from city's airport - Aberdeen Live