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Complacency in French : complaisance

Translations of « complacency » in French

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complacency \kəmˈpleɪs(ə)nsi\ [1]

  1. Fatuité, autosatisfaction, suffisance.
  2. Complaisance.
      But whoever does the policing, whether a supervisor or an operator, faces a Sisyphean battle against a well-documented phenomenon: something called automation complacency. When you automate any part of a task, the human overseer starts to trust that the machine has it handled and stops paying attention. — (Lauren Smiley, 'I'm the Operator': The Aftermath of a Self-Driving Tragedy, wired, March 8, 2022 → read online)

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Examples of usage of « complacency » in English/French

  • Lifeboat crews dealing with small boats crossing the Channel say they lack equipment, guidance, qualified staff and support in coping with the trauma involved as they accuse managers of complacency over the situation.

    Les équipages des bateaux de sauvetage qui s'occupent des petites embarcations traversant la Manche affirment qu'ils manquent d'équipement, de conseils, de personnel qualifié et de soutien pour faire face aux traumatismes qu'ils subissent, alors qu'ils accusent les gestionnaires de se complaire dans cette situation. the Guardian — Lifeboat crews accuse RNLI managers of complacency over Channel crossings | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian
  • A “horrible complacency” about the impact of the climate emergency on the fire service has left it under-funded and ill-prepared, the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union has warned.

    Le secrétaire général de l'Union des sapeurs-pompiers a mis en garde contre une "horrible complaisance" à l'égard de l'impact de l'urgence climatique sur les services d'incendie, qui se retrouvent sous-financés et mal préparés. the Guardian — Climate complacency has left firefighters ill-prepared, says union chief | Firefighters | The Guardian
  • The biggest problem for most conversion optimizers is complacency.

    Le plus gros problème de la plupart des optimiseurs de conversion est la complaisance. Entrepreneur — Complacency Is Killing Your Conversion Rate Strategy