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caries \ˈkɛÉč.iz\ (États-Unis), \ˈkɛə.Éčiːz\ (Royaume-Uni) singulier et pluriel identiques

  1. (Medicine) Carie, en particulier carie dentaire.

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  • The relevance of this study relies on the development of a therapeutic system to potentially arrest caries lesions without staining.

    La pertinence de cette Ă©tude repose sur le dĂ©veloppement d'un systĂšme thĂ©rapeutique permettant d'arrĂȘter potentiellement les lĂ©sions carieuses sans coloration. Nature — Color changes and shear bond strength to simulated caries lesions treated with a novel solution of 20% silver nanoclusters in polymethacrylic acid | Scientific Reports
  • Due to the high burden of disease, the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared oral diseases, including caries and periodontitis, as a key health problem [1,2].

    En raison de la charge de morbiditĂ© Ă©levĂ©e, l'OMS (Organisation mondiale de la santĂ©) a dĂ©clarĂ© que les maladies bucco-dentaires, notamment les caries et les parodontites, constituaient un problĂšme de santĂ© majeur [1,2]. Oral Health Group — "Guided Biofilm Therapy“ is the absolute favorite among patients - Oral Health Group
  • Dental caries, known to most as tooth decay or just plain cavities, are caused by demineralization that leads to destruction of a tooth.

    Les caries dentaires, que la plupart des gens connaissent sous le nom de carie dentaire ou tout simplement de cavité, sont causées par une déminéralisation qui entraßne la destruction d'une dent. Tooth decay and beyond
  • This publication is available at

    Cette publication est disponible sur GOV.UK — Chapter 4: Dental caries - GOV.UK
  • The findings of this study showed that the concentrations of most of the salivary cytokines were positively correlated with age and the presence of oral pathologies (such as gingivitis and caries) and negatively correlated with salivary flow rate.

    Les rĂ©sultats de cette Ă©tude ont montrĂ© que les concentrations de la plupart des cytokines salivaires Ă©taient positivement corrĂ©lĂ©es avec l'Ăąge et la prĂ©sence de pathologies buccales (telles que la gingivite et les caries) et nĂ©gativement corrĂ©lĂ©es avec le dĂ©bit salivaire. Nature — Associations between salivary cytokines and oral health, age, and sex in healthy children | Scientific Reports
  • 1 However, such methods have some potential drawbacks, such as the destruction of a significant amount of surrounding tissue in order to gain access to dental caries.

    1 Toutefois, ces mĂ©thodes prĂ©sentent des inconvĂ©nients potentiels, comme la destruction d'une quantitĂ© importante de tissus environnants afin d'accĂ©der aux caries dentaires. Exploring Parent’s Satisfaction and the Effectiveness of Preform | PPA
  • According to a report published by the WHO on May 15, 2022, nearly 2 billion people suffer from caries of permanent teeth and 520 million children have primary teeth caries.

    Selon un rapport publié par l'OMS le 15 mai 2022, prÚs de 2 milliards de personnes souffrent de caries des dents permanentes et 520 millions d'enfants ont des caries des dents primaires. The Worldwide Teledentistry Industry is Expected to Reach $4.8 Billion by 2030 - | Business Wire
  • Genetics has been suggested to play a role in the susceptibility to tooth loss due to both dental caries and periodontal disease4.

    Il a Ă©tĂ© suggĂ©rĂ© que la gĂ©nĂ©tique joue un rĂŽle dans la susceptibilitĂ© Ă  la perte de dents due Ă  la fois aux caries dentaires et aux maladies parodontales4. Nature — Genetic contribution to cancer risk in patients with tooth loss: a genetic association study | Scientific Reports
  • It also describes six strategies using mercury-free products and minimally-invasive intervention approaches to prevent and treat dental caries: fluoride toothpaste, fluoride varnish, glass ionomer cement sealants, glass ionomer cement restorations, silver diamine fluoride and composite resin restorations.

    Il décrit également six stratégies utilisant des produits sans mercure et des méthodes d'intervention peu invasives pour prévenir et traiter les caries dentaires : dentifrice fluoré, vernis fluoré, mastics en ciment verre ionomÚre, restaurations en ciment verre ionomÚre, fluorure de diamine d'argent et restaurations en résine composite. Prevention and treatment of dental caries with mercury-free products and minimal intervention
  • This expert consensus mainly discusses the etiology of ECC, caries-risk assessment of children, prevention and treatment plan of ECC, aiming to achieve lifelong oral health.

    Ce consensus d'experts traite principalement de l'Ă©tiologie de l'ECC, de l'Ă©valuation du risque carieux chez les enfants, de la prĂ©vention et du plan de traitement de l'ECC, dans le but de parvenir Ă  une santĂ© bucco-dentaire Ă  vie. Nature — Expert consensus on early childhood caries management | International Journal of Oral Science
  • Poor oral health i.e. periodontal diseases and dental caries have been shown to be associated with increased risk of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Diseases (ASD)

    Il a Ă©tĂ© dĂ©montrĂ© qu'une mauvaise santĂ© bucco-dentaire, c'est-Ă -dire les maladies parodontales et les caries dentaires, est associĂ©e Ă  un risque accru de maladies cardiovasculaires athĂ©rosclĂ©rotiques (MCA). Greater Kashmir — Healthy Mouth for a Healthy Heart
  • 82 and the accuracies for diagnosing proximal dental caries were 0.

    82 et les prĂ©cisions pour le diagnostic des caries dentaires proximales Ă©taient de 0. Nature — Evaluation of dental caries detection with quantitative light-induced fluorescence in comparison to different field of view devices | Scientific Reports
  • Oral Science is proud to launch an enhanced formulation of the X-PUR 1.1% NaF Gel (5,000 ppm fluoride), a leading high strength sodium fluoride gel with 10% xylitol indicated to reduce caries.

    Oral Science est fier de lancer une formulation amĂ©liorĂ©e du gel X-PUR 1,1 % NaF (5 000 ppm de fluorure), un gel de fluorure de sodium Ă  haute concentration avec 10 % de xylitol indiquĂ© pour rĂ©duire les caries. Oral Health Group — Oral Science Launches an Enhanced Formulation of the X-PUR 1.1% NaF Gel - Oral Health Group
  • Educational interventions with emphasis on nutrition and oral hygiene may provide a feasible strategy to decrease progression of childhood caries in low-resource settings.

    Les interventions Ă©ducatives mettant l'accent sur la nutrition et l'hygiĂšne bucco-dentaire peuvent constituer une stratĂ©gie rĂ©alisable pour rĂ©duire la progression des caries infantiles dans les milieux Ă  faibles ressources. Nature — Child saliva microbiota and caries: a randomized controlled maternal education trial in rural Uganda | Scientific Reports
  • “If your teeth are prone to high caries risk, that is, getting cavities, a high-fluoride prescription toothpaste might be recommended,” he says.

    "Si vos dents sont sujettes Ă  un risque Ă©levĂ© de caries, c'est-Ă -dire si vous avez des caries, un dentifrice Ă  haute teneur en fluor peut ĂȘtre recommandĂ©", ajoute-t-il. AARP — What Toothpaste Is Best for Your Dental Health?​​
  • Dental caries can affect people of any age.

    Les caries dentaires peuvent toucher des personnes de tout ñge. Sada El balad — Get to Know Risk Factors for Dental Caries
  •  I have used the Ortek-ECD (electronic caries detection) device (Ortek Therapeutics) on hundreds of patients.

    J'ai utilisĂ© le dispositif Ortek-ECD (dĂ©tection Ă©lectronique des caries) (Ortek Therapeutics) sur des centaines de patients. Dentistry Today — Instant and Accurate Detection of Early Occlusal Caries - Dentistry Today
  • Multiple logistic regression estimated the effect of the exposure variables on the presence of dental caries at 4-6 years of age, adjusting for potential confounders.

    La rĂ©gression logistique multiple a permis d'estimer l'effet des variables d'exposition sur la prĂ©sence de caries dentaires Ă  l'Ăąge de 4-6 ans, en tenant compte des facteurs de confusion potentiels. — Study quantifies the effect of early free sugar intake on dental caries
  • DEQLF might be used to evaluate early caries activity, and longitudinally monitor changes in lesion activity.

    La DEQLF pourrait ĂȘtre utilisĂ©e pour Ă©valuer l'activitĂ© carieuse prĂ©coce et suivre longitudinalement l'Ă©volution de l'activitĂ© des lĂ©sions. Nature — Lesion activity assessment of early caries using dye-enhanced quantitative light-induced fluorescence | Scientific Reports
  • The use of supplements help to keep the levels at optimum and thus reduce the chances of treating very early lesion of caries.

    L'utilisation de suppléments permet de maintenir les niveaux optimaux et de réduire ainsi les risques de traitement de lésions carieuses trÚs précoces. Cureus | Effect of Oral Vitamin D3 on Dental Caries: An In-Vivo and In-Vitro Study
  • Therefore, this factor drives the global dental caries detectors market.

    Par consĂ©quent, ce facteur stimule le marchĂ© mondial des dĂ©tecteurs de caries dentaires. GlobeNewswire News Room — Dental Caries Detectors Market Size to hit US$ 629.28