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Bewilderment in French : ahurissement

Translations of « bewilderment » in French

Most common translations :



  1. Perplexité, confusion.
      In response to your correspondent Phyl Mhic Oscair's bewilderment regarding her local cafe not including coffee with breakfast at weekends... — (Irish Independent, January 2009)
  2. Ahurissement.
      It is the bewilderment from the world’s corporate leaders. They don’t actually know how to get out of this. — (Channel 4 News, January 2009)

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Examples of usage of « bewilderment » in English / French

  • So when the flag was lowered, confirming the news that so many had been bracing for all day, there was a moment of bewilderment.
    Aussi, lorsque le drapeau a été abaissé, confirmant la nouvelle que tant de personnes avaient attendue toute la journée, il y a eu un moment de perplexité. , Bewilderment and disbelief at Buckingham Palace gates | The Times