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Appearance in French : apparence

Translations of « appearance » in French

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appearance \ə.ˈpɪɹ.əns\ (États-Unis), \ə.ˈpɪə.ɹəns\ (Royaume-Uni)

  1. Apparition.
    • The appearance of the archangel Gabriel.
    • The appearance of the rock band on stage.
  2. Apparence, air.
    • Appearances are deceiving.
      Les apparences sont trompeuses.
    • We must avoid even the appearance of impropriety.
      Nous devons même éviter toute apparence d'irrégularité.
  3. Allure, aspect.
    • As she became overworked, she became disheveled and stopped taking care of her appearance.
      Devenue surchargée de travail, elle est devenue échevelée et a cessé de prendre soin de son apparence.
  4. Parution.
    • The author’s public greatly looked forward to the appearance of her next novel.

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Examples of usage of « appearance » in English / French

  • Ramazani came off the bench to replace James Garner in the 84th minute in what was his only first team appearance for the Red Devils.
    Ramazani est sorti du banc pour remplacer James Garner à la 84e minute dans ce qui était sa seule apparition en équipe première pour les Diables Rouges. United In Focus, Largie Ramazani claims solitary appearance against Astana was lure to sign new Manchester United contract
  • BBC University Challenge fans have admitted they "barely watched" the latest episode - because they were too busy concentrating on one contestant's appearance.
    Les fans de BBC University Challenge ont admis avoir "à peine regardé" le dernier épisode, car ils étaient trop occupés à se concentrer sur l'apparition d'un candidat. BirminghamLive, BBC University Challenge fans seriously distracted by contestant's appearance - Birmingham Live
  • It is her first media appearance following the mini budget as the UK faces economic turmoil.
    Il s'agit de sa première apparition dans les médias après le mini-budget, alors que le Royaume-Uni est confronté à des turbulences économiques. , Updates as Liz Truss says she is prepared to take “difficult decisions" as she face questions amid mini-budget turmoil | The Scotsman