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Amorphous in French : amorphe

Translations of « amorphous » in French

Most common translation : amorphe Ecouter


amorphous \ə.ˈmɔːÉč.fəs\

  1. Amorphe.

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Examples of usage of « amorphous » in English/French

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  • Furthermore, as amorphous solubility is the limit of the maximum achievable supersaturation, above which LLPS is thermodynamically favorable, knowledge of the supersaturation ratio also allows prediction of the possible phase transitions.

    De plus, comme la solubilitĂ© amorphe est la limite de la supersaturation maximale rĂ©alisable, au-delĂ  de laquelle le LLPS est thermodynamiquement favorable, la connaissance du rapport de supersaturation permet Ă©galement de prĂ©dire les transitions de phase possibles. U.S. Food and Drug Administration — Formulating Drug Products for Optimized Absorption: Elucidating Amorphous Solid Dispersions | FDA
  • The amorphous polypropylene terephthalate market is expected to grow to $51.

    Le marché du polypropylÚne téréphtalate amorphe devrait atteindre 51 $. Amorphous Polypropylene Terephatalate Global Market Report 2022: Surge In Demand from Food & Beverage Sector Fueling Growth - | Business Wire
  • The surge in the product demand for the purpose of packaging in the food & beverage sector will propel the growth of the amorphous polypropylene terephthalate market.

    L'augmentation de la demande de produits destinés à l'emballage dans le secteur alimentaire. Amorphous Polypropylene Terephatalate Global Market to Reach $51.92 Billion by 2026
  • Asia Pacific market is expected to register a considerably large revenue share due to robust presence of major market players providing amorphous metals such as Hitachi Metal, Ltd.

    Le marchĂ© de l'Asie-Pacifique devrait enregistrer une part de revenu considĂ©rablement importante en raison de la prĂ©sence robuste des principaux acteurs du marchĂ© fournissant des mĂ©taux amorphes tels que Hitachi Metal, Ltd. EIN News — Amorphous Metals Market Investment Opportunities, Industry Share & Trend Analysis Report to 2028 - EIN Presswire
  • A Dutch research group has developed a passivation technique for heterojunction solar cells based on a hydrogenated amorphous silicon layer.

    Un groupe de recherche nĂ©erlandais a mis au point une technique de passivation des cellules solaires Ă  hĂ©tĂ©rojonction basĂ©e sur une couche de silicium amorphe hydrogĂ©nĂ©. pv magazine International — Heterojunction solar cell with 24.18% efficiency via hydrogenated amorphous silicon passivation – pv magazine International
  • An ultra-high-heat, near-infrared (IR)-transparent amorphous PEI grade designed for injection-molded lenses used in co-packaged optical transceivers and other optical connectors has been developed by SABIC.

    SABIC a mis au point un grade de PEI amorphe transparent dans le proche infrarouge (IR), à trÚs haute température, conçu pour les lentilles moulées par injection utilisées dans les émetteurs-récepteurs optiques co-packagés et autres connecteurs optiques. Amorphous PEI for Injection-Molded Lenses Used in Co-Packaged Optical Transceivers and Other Optical Connectors | Plastics Technology
  • Raj Krishnaswamy, VP of Polymer Research & Development at CJ Biomaterials, delivered a presentation to educate attendees on CJ Biomaterials' range of PHA solutions, including crystalline, semi-crystalline and amorphous technology.

    Raj Krishnaswamy, vice-président de la recherche sur les polymÚres CJ BIOMATERIALS' Builds on Support for its Polyhydroxyalkanoate Technology at 7th International Marine Debris Conference
  • The old-fashioned concept of safeguarding has now been transitioned away to some amorphous ‘be kind’ nonsense

    L'ancien concept de sauvegarde a Ă©tĂ© abandonnĂ© au profit d'une absurditĂ© amorphe du type "sois gentil". The Telegraph — It’s not transphobic to question child chest binding
  • “Most importantly, this asymmetric environment is easily translated to many other molecular systems, especially for molecules put in amorphous environments like those found in biology.

    "Plus important encore, cet environnement asymĂ©trique est facilement transposable Ă  de nombreux autres systĂšmes molĂ©culaires, notamment pour les molĂ©cules placĂ©es dans des environnements amorphes comme ceux que l'on trouve en biologie. EurekAlert! — Engineering robust and scalable molecular qub | EurekAlert!
  • (Reuters) - The U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission has devised a theory to prevent the decentralized, amorphous crypto collectives known as DAOs from capitalizing on their diffuse structure to evade liability.

    (Reuters) - La Commodities Futures Trading Commission amĂ©ricaine a imaginĂ© une thĂ©orie pour empĂȘcher les collectifs de crypto dĂ©centralisĂ©s et amorphes connus sous le nom de DAO de capitaliser sur leur structure diffuse pour Ă©chapper Ă  toute responsabilitĂ©. Reuters — Novel action against Ooki crypto collective draws rebuke from commodities trading commissioner | Reuters
  • It’s an amorphous concept that simply just does not resonate with peoples’ lives.

    C'est un concept amorphe qui ne correspond tout simplement pas à la vie des gens. LabourList — Truss hopes to shift the conversation to growth, but this mini-Budget won’t do it – LabourList
  • The amorphous hacktivist group Anonymous appears to be back at it again — and this time, they're claiming that the Bored Ape Yacht Club is smuggling the worst kind of ideologies into broad daylight.

    Le groupe amorphe d'hacktivistes Anonymous semble avoir remis le couvert. Cette fois, il affirme que le Bored Ape Yacht Club fait passer au grand jour les pires idĂ©ologies. Futurism — Anonymous Declares War on Bored Ape Yacht Club Over Alleged Nazi Symbolism
  • He cannot therefore turn around  to work against him to be removed from office” Ikyur stated in a Press Statement made available to newsmen on Monday described as mischievous,  allegations by an amorphous, little known group parading itself as  Jemgbagh Development Association, Abuja chapter to suggest that the Benue governor has a hand in Ayu’s current travails.

    Il ne peut donc pas faire demi-tour et travailler contre lui pour ĂȘtre dĂ©mis de ses fonctions", a dĂ©clarĂ© M. Ikyur dans un communiquĂ© de presse mis Ă  la disposition des journalistes lundi. Il a qualifiĂ© de malveillantes les allĂ©gations d'un groupe amorphe et peu connu se prĂ©sentant comme l'Association pour le dĂ©veloppement de Jemgbagh, chapitre d'Abuja, qui suggĂšre que le gouverneur de Benue est impliquĂ© dans les difficultĂ©s actuelles d'Ayu. Pointblank News — PDP Crisis: Gov Ortom Not Part of Ayu's Travails - Pointblank News
  • These findings demonstrate a category of solid-state materials to link the crystalline and amorphous forms in the sublattice-scale, which will exhibit extraordinary properties.

    Ces rĂ©sultats mettent en Ă©vidence une catĂ©gorie de matĂ©riaux Ă  l'Ă©tat solide permettant de relier les formes cristallines et amorphes Ă  l'Ă©chelle du sous-rĂ©seau, qui prĂ©senteront des propriĂ©tĂ©s extraordinaires. Nature — Nested order-disorder framework containing a crystalline matrix with self-filled amorphous-like innards | Nature Communications
  • The PLA-glass composites with heat treatment did not exhibit any new diffraction lines in their XRD patterns, indicating that the PLA crystallization was not initiated with any kind of GF and that all composites continued to remain amorphous.

    Les composites PLA-verre avec traitement thermique n'ont pas prĂ©sentĂ© de nouvelles lignes de diffraction dans leurs diagrammes XRD, ce qui indique que la cristallisation du PLA n'a pas Ă©tĂ© initiĂ©e par un quelconque GF et que tous les composites sont restĂ©s amorphes. — A Review of Polylactic Acid-Glass Fiber Composites
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