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Aegis in French : égide

Translations of « aegis » in French

Most common translation : égide Ecouter


aegis \ˈiːdʒɪs\, pluriel aegises \ˈiːd͡ʒɪsiːz\ ou aegides \ˈiːd͡ʒɪdiːz\

  1. (Greek mythology, Roman mythology) Égide.
      The robe and aegides of the statues of Minerva the Greeks have made in imitation of the Lybians, for except that the robe among the Lybians is of leather and the fringes of the aegis are not serpents but strips of leather, the adorning is entirely the same. And the very name is an acknowledgement that the vesture of the palladium is derived from Lybia, for the Lybian women put around the robe their goat skins tasselled and stained with madder (ἐρευθεδάνω) and from these goat skins, (ἐχ δὲ τῶν αἰγἑων τουτἑων) the Greeks have taken the word aegis. — (F. M. Hubbard, “Article III. An Inquiry into the Commerce of Ancient Egypt”, The American Biblical Repository, vol. X, numéro 27, New York (NY) : Gould & Newman, publishers and printers; Boston (MA) : Perkins & Marvin and Crocker & Brewster; Cincinnati (OH) : Truman & Smith, 1837, page 49, traduisant Hérodote)
  2. (Figurative) Égide. under the aegis: gouvernance, protection, endossement, commandite.
      Under the aegis of France a group of buffer states would be born. Austria would cede Venetia to Italy and receive Silesia from Prussia. France had only to promise Austria her neutrality and to keep Italy on its leash. — (Nancy Nichols Barker, Distaff Diplomacy: The Empress Eugenie and the Foreign Policy of the Second Empire, Austin, TX), Londres : University of Texas Press, 1967, page 141)

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Examples of usage of « aegis » in English/French

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