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Access in French : accéder

Translations of « access » in French

Most common translations :


access \ˈék.sɛs\

  1. (Uncountable) AccĂšs.
  2. (IT) AccĂšs. Action d’accĂ©der une donnĂ©e.
      Since the original physical measurement of the energy consumption of instructions and memory accesses is very time consuming, it should not have to be repeated for every application. — (Lars Wehmeyer and Peter Marwedel, Fast, Efficient and Predictable Memory Accesses, 2006, ISBN 9781402048227, p. 81)

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access \ˈék.sɛs\ transitif

  1. Accéder, parvenir.

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Examples of usage of « access » in English/French

  • The funding provided by the Access to Work scheme can help pay for products and services to make work more accessible, including:

    Le financement fourni par le programme d'accĂšs au travail peut aider Ă  payer des produits et des services destinĂ©s Ă  rendre le travail plus accessible, notamment : RNIB — Access to Work scheme | RNIB
  • Blind and partially sighted people can now say “Alexa, open RNIB Talking Books” to get instant access to thousands of RNIB audio books.

    Les personnes aveugles et malvoyantes peuvent dĂ©sormais dire "Alexa, open RNIB Talking Books" pour avoir un accĂšs instantanĂ© Ă  des milliers de livres audio du RNIB. RNIB — Access thousands of audio books through Alexa | RNIB